PhD student under the supervision of N. Carrasco for the LATMOS laboratory and L. Nahon for the SOLEIL Synchrotron facility.

I have a Bachelor degree in Fundamental Physics and a Master degree in Planetary Sciences, both from the University Paris Sud 11. My work focuses on the upper atmosphere of Titan and its interaction with the VUV solar light. More details here.

Here is my resume:

  • 2008-2011: Bachelor of Fundamental Physics University Paris Sud 11 (Orsay - France)
  • 2011-2012: One-year Exchange Program: University of Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    As a part of the Master of Fundamental Physics (University Paris Sud 11- France)

  • 2012-2013: Master of Planetary Sciences University Paris Sud 11 (France)
  • Oct. 2014-Present: PhD at the University of Versailles St Quentin (France)

    Topic: Photochemistry of Planetary Atmospheres in the Vacuum Ultra Violet.

    Supervisors: N. Carrasco (LATMOS) and L. Nahon (SOLEIL Synchrotron)

My working experience:

  • From Sept. 2013 until Aug. 2014, I worked as a Young Graduate Trainee (YGT) at the European Space Agency (ESA) at the ESTEC site in the Netherlands. I was a project coordinator on the Cansats in Europeproject for the Education Office, under the supervision of Helen Page. We worked in close collaboration with the Norwegian Centre for Space-related Education ( NAROM). More information on the Cansat project at ESA here.

  • From March 2013 until June 2013, I did my master thesis at LATMOS working on the PAMPRE platform with N. Carrasco. The PAMPRE platform is a laboratory simulation of the upper atmosphere of Titan using a plasma discharge as an energy source. We use mass spectrometry and IR spectroscopy to analyse the reaction products.

  • From May 2011 to July 2011, I did my bachelor thesis at the Centre de Spectroscopie NuclĂ©aire et SpectromĂ©trie de Masse (CSNSM) working with Jean Duprat on the analysis of polar micro-meteorites.